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Continue to Grow Through Smart Cloud Migration

For every company that wants to thrive in a competitive market, moving to the cloud is no longer just a reliable option – it’s a necessity. Move to Cloud is an experienced and reliable IT support company in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area that can help you shift your business from clunky hardware systems to powerful no-nonsense Cloud systems. Experience fewer monthly operating expenses, increase network security services, enhance customer satisfaction and maximize staff productivity.

Cloud-based services allow you to automatically back up your data as frequently as you would like to a safe location. In case of a cyber breach, you can access your data within minutes and minimize the damage that can occur. With your sensitive data is backed up frequently, your business’ security is instantly enhanced, saving you money long-term and protecting your assets from unauthorized access.

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Maximize client partnerships

Move to Cloud enables your company to adapt to innovative global cloud technologies, improve daily business operations and strengthen client partnerships.

2020 reports have proven that companies that have switched to full cloud services grew 26% faster than those businesses using traditional hardware systems. It’s time to access your business anytime and anywhere. Run your business the way you want, without hardware systems holding you down to one remote location.

Bring your office to the kitchen table with on-demand availability!

On-demand availability for your staff and clients is the most important feature of a well-established cloud system. Through having access to a broad network, you can access your business network from a multitude of different platforms including your mobile devices, tablets and laptop. All the resources you need are available at your fingertips while being protected 24/7 from any cyber threats.

On-premise hosting is relatively expensive and takes up physical space in your work environment. If you currently have multiple servers, you will also have storage and data processing hardware, software and applications that will need constant manual backups to keep up with the rapid market growth. It’s time to simplify the process of running your business and choose a system that gives you maximized flexibility and a reliable backup and disaster recovery plan

Show me the money (and benefits) of moving my business to the cloud!

When your business needs to adapt to change, make sure it’s on your own terms. Cloud computing has revolutionized the IT industry, and many hardcore hardware fans have been transformed into loyal cloud users. Why? Because it saves them money, improves daily operations and the system basically takes care of itself. Here is why you should migrate to the cloud today:

Pay for what you need.

Cloud computing allows you to pay for the specific applications and features that your business needs. No more paying for what you don’t use and no more throwing money out the Windows ‘97.

24/7 security.

Your data and business transactions are safeguarded by industry-leading protocols and software that is proactive in preventing cyber threats from infiltrating your network.

No maintenance.

The sophistication of the cloud means that maintenance is carried out automatically without hindering the processes of the user. Using automated processes, the cloud closely monitors your business network performance and optimizes the server speed.

Allows for remote programming.

2020 was filled with remote working, and a majority of 2021 will be the same. Cloud computing allows users to access all types of files and applications as exactly they’re seen in the office. No more switching back and forth between devices, accomplish your business goals in the comfort of your own home.

Are you ready to see how cloud technology can accelerate your company’s growth in 2021?

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