Cloud computing has changed the way businesses upload, share, and edit information within their workspaces and many have made the transition in 2021. Long gone are the days of storing information on physical files or computer hardware. Now, you are able to use the Internet to safely store your important data. If you need a move to cloud computing company in the GTA that provides network security services, Move to Cloud can help you. 

Here are five compelling reasons why your business should strongly consider a move to a cloud computing solution and why it may as well benefit your company in the long run. 



Moving your data to a shared cloud space on the Internet can be a cost-effective solution for your business. You can safely transfer and archive your data at no added cost and without having to invest in existing infrastructure. You can simply subscribe to a “pay as you use” model that allows you to only use the cloud service when needed. 

Additionally, cloud-based storage systems and options no longer allow for offset data storage or tapes that can get lost or damaged. They have created many opportunities for businesses to get flexible and reduce the need for constant maintenance of workplace hardware. 


Added Security & Scalability 

When people ask why it is essential for small businesses to move to a cloud computing system, it’s because of the added cybersecurity and scalability. Data encryptions, sharing, and storage and much easier to manage in a cloud-based system. Ultimately, the security of your business is the shared responsibility of your employees (or cloud users) and best practices can ward off imminent disasters or breaches. 

Today, many businesses are dependent on computer networks and technology to operate. A cloud-based solution ensures that your company’s data doesn’t get lost or stolen because it’s stored off the premises rather than on hardware like computers or laptops. Even if those things are compromises, you can still remotely wipe data or add new cybersecurity measures to lock them out. Moreover, you’re able to scale your data as needed.  


Ease of Access & Collaboration 

Cloud services are designed for collaboration between every member of your team. Your employees can easily access materials and resources from anywhere at any time. Firstly, cloud services are built for collaboration; this makes it easier to share and work together on important documents and files. As licensed tech experts, we can always discuss the best options for your company and tailor your cloud model to continuously benefit your workflow and staff operations.

Cloud-based solutions also streamline your company’s workflow by ensuring a similar work experience across different devices. It also ensures version control of shared work between your employees as this makes the work go very smoothly. Your users can work on the same document at the same time with new changes being saved and tracked. 


Higher Quality Updates

Cloud computing solutions can provide your business with regular software and cybersecurity updates. This is typically handled by the cloud provider and is done off-premises. With this, you can be assured that there won’t be any hassles when you get regular software updates and can focus more of your time on your business. 


Workplace Flexibility

Our cloud-based solutions can greatly improve your online working conditions and grant you more flexibility to do your work, at any time and anywhere. Moreover, payments for these services are subscription-based and they only charge you when you use the cloud system.

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